Friday, March 03, 2006

Check 'yer gauge

I haven't learned my lesson. I know that I am a tight knitter but I still refuse to make gauge swatches. I think it's because I've only recently started knitting things that need to fit. Who cares what size your scarf or knitted penguin is, right? I've also never felted anything before so I wasn't fully aware of how HUGE a felted item was supposed to be before felting. Luckily my friend Kristen was working on these clogs too and as soon as I saw hers I knew I had a problem. In the picture above, the one on the bottom fits my foot. I went up a needle size and the one on the top stretches from my finger tips almost to my elbow. Ha! I think it will only take a few more mistakes like this before I finally learn.


Blogger Sam said...

"gauge", not "guage"

11:27 AM  

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