Friday, February 24, 2006

Recycled knitting

I got this idea while pouring through every knitting book at Barnes &Noble to see which one I wanted. I ended up buying a cookbook instead but at the time spent looking was not wasted because now I have this funky bathmat.I can't remember what book it came from but I made up the pattern anyway. Yes those are t-shirts recycled into yarn. I cut them in spirals about 1 inch wide up to the armpits. I used size 13 needles. I measured my old bathmat and made a swatch. I needed to cast on 40 stitches to make it wide enough. I knit as many rows with each color as possible. I like them uneven. We have a St. Vinnies Dig 'N Save where you can buy clothes by the lb. so t-shirts are practically free. I'll be making more of these. Maybe thin stripes next time?


Blogger Janey said...

Beautiful work!

Hope you don't mind, but I've just Copied and Pasted the picture and your description of how you made your bathmat.
Hopefuly it will be an inspiration to me ... sometime in the future!
(I also copied your URL so when/if I do make one, I'll be able to tell you about it.)

8:04 PM  

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